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Our solution

We wanted to ask the following question: how to improve waste sorting?

Then, we wanted to go further6

  • How to help people sorting their wastes?
  • How to show them simply where to sort and how they should proceed for certain unusual items?
  • How to put in relation people willing to sort more with specialized professional that can reuse a specific item?
  • Give exact data, that change when a new law is established?

And by asking all this questions, we created Trift, an app to quickly give people all the informations they need to sort their wastes

Our team

We are a teamof Epitech studients, each with his own skills and specialisation

We know the challenge is big, but we will face it

We expect our app to be used all around Rennes in the next 3 years

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If you are a pro, you can contact us by mail: calitri.fr@gmail.com

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